Celebrate This Week-8/19

It’s Saturday and that means it is time to reflect on the week and celebrate things both big and small. Join our community and celebrate this week by linking up or just stopping by the host Ruth Ayres’ blog to read others’ celebrations.

Birthday Milestone

     On July 31st, I turned 40 years old. I had a nice birthday lunch and gave myself a new fun Keurig coffee maker.



An ice cream flight at a local ice cream shop. Yum! Perfect birthday treat for me.

 Turning 40 did not feel much different from turning any other age, but I did do some extra reflecting on things.

    I remember throwing my mom a surprise 40th birthday party. It was difficult because my father had passed away a year before, so I had to call around to her friends and get them to help me. I was only 14, so I needed rides to the stores to order cake and get party supplies. I think the party was a success. I have never asked my mom if she was actually surprised or not. I am not sure I want to know the answer to that. What really stood out to me in approaching my 40th birthday is how young my mother really was when she became a widow. I am so grateful every day for my husband and his good health. I can’t even begin to imagine how difficult that stage in my mom’s life must’ve been. 

    The other thing that I always find myself reflecting on is the way our life has evolved into a life without children. Turning 30 was very difficult for me, because I had goals in my head of being a mom by that time. All my other big life moments were achieved along the time line I had imagined for myself. Yet, there I was turning 30 without a baby. I have since come to terms, for the most part, with the fact that my husband and I have stopped hoping for a miracle baby. Yet, turning 40 seemed to bring out one more twang on the heart strings and one more tear down my cheek, highlighting my grief for one brief moment before tucking it back away. 

     Although my reflections may have been downers, I did quite enjoy my birthday. I do love and appreciate all the warm wishes that were sent my way. It is so nice to get to be the center of attention for just a little bit of time. We had a great time at the birthday party my mother threw for me! We rented out a room at Ale Asylum brewery in Madison, and had our own private patio with the party room space. So fancy!

A Season of Plenty and Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

    For about a year, I have been working to build a business with doTERRA essential oils. I have been teaching classes and sharing experiences with the oils and helping people to discover how these products can help their health. Last Sunday, I taught a Back to School workshop. It was the best attended class I have taught thus far. It was so nice to meet other teachers in my district and to share essential oils with them. I am getting to the point that my efforts are earning me a small side income and I am so grateful for that! This road of working to build a business has also led me to many different resources for personal development and I have enjoyed learning and improving my habits. 

 Healthy Choices

   I have been consistently getting to the gym and working to eat a Paleo diet. Although I am not perfect at following the rules, I have been able to try some fun new recipes this week. I figured out making cashew cheese, which was actually quite easy. After having success with that, I decided to try making almond milk. It was so delicious! And easy! I will definitely make that again soon. (I just have to hide the almonds from my husband who LOVES nuts–which is the reason I haven’t made more yet–my almonds disappeared) 

A Wonderful Summer 

    My husband officially heads back to school next week, and I will have my unofficial start at putting together my new classroom. I am feeling very blessed with having had just the right mix of getting things done and being lazy this summer. I am ready to head into the fall and feeling rejuvenated by a full and happy summer. 

What do you have to celebrate this week? I would love to hear from you in the comments!